Cookies policy

The firm of MOOV P. Majewski, A.Dutka sp.j. is maintaining a website at respects the privacy of the website’s users. During visits to the website’s pages, software working on the server providing these pages gathers the following data:

  • HTTP queries (including IP addresses from which these queries are sent and information about the data viewed by a given user);
  • the time when the query was received and when an answer was sent;
  • where a query was sent using a link on another website, the address of the referring page;
  • information regarding the operating system and browser, as well as other data provided by the user’s computer, depending on its configuration;
  • other data sent by the user’s computer using HTTP protocol (more information in this regard is available in the RFC 2616 document at;
  • user personal data only where a given user provides it through forms located on the website.

The data is retained for an indefinite term and processed only for the purposes of maintaining the site and administrating it. No data is provided to third parties unless this is required by law.

The gathered personal data is processed in order to provide information about the activities of MOOV P. Majewski, A.Dutka sp.j. Personal data provided by persons applying for employment is gathered for the purposes of the recruitment process, and after it ends it is deleted.

Cookies contain randomly generated session numbers in the form of an MD5 check and are deleted after a session ends.

This privacy policy applies to the website. The site may contain links to third-party websites where this policy does not apply.

If amendments are introduced to this privacy policy, they will be announced on this page.